What can the conversation about water say for your brand?

We are in the midst of a global fresh water crisis, and there is a worldwide conversation happening about how we can be smarter with our water consumption. Savvy businesses, no matter how big of a role water plays in their operations or offerings, are finding a way to use that conversation to elevate their brands. As a leading voice in water and water-focused communications, Nelson Schmidt can help you take advantage of the trend toward sustainability, using water as a platform to strengthen your brand and become relevant within the global mindset.

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Industry Experts

In spring of 2016, Nelson Schmidt hosted a reception for the Global Water Summit.  We asked our guests one simple question:  “what does water mean to global  business and brands?” Watch the videos below to hear what they had to say.

A Banner Moment

Roll over the image below to see what other industry experts who attended the water summit reception had to say about the importance of water on our businesses, our world and our lives.

Our Work

Speed Queen Replacement Video

WEDC Water Video

Honeywell PHA Video

Fund for Lake Michigan Video

WEDC Water Talent Video

WEDC Water Technology Video

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