Influencing The C-suite With Enterprise Healthcare Offering

How does a 180-year-old brand stay relevant in the rapidly changing medical technology industry? For McKesson Imaging & Workflow Solutions (IWS), the answer included a new suite of product solutions aimed at an entirely new audience. Responding to consolidation of healthcare providers underneath large conglomerates, the new suite of enterprise imaging solutions would help these executives address overarching issues like patient satisfaction and value versus volume-based care. And the complex technical nature of the products would have to be explained in a simple, concise way for the busy C-Suite audience. This is how the Conserus brand was born.

The Conserus Clinical Data Exchange (CDE) video used animation to help explain a complex technical product quickly and concisely to a busy C-Suite audience.


McKesson Imaging & Workflow Solutions (IWS) has always succeeded in differentiating itself from its peers in the medical imaging management space. Yet with new legislation, technologies and care/reimbursement models driving a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, it was time to evolve or be left behind. The brand had been pigeonholed as a vendor of medical imaging technology, but the introduction of a new suite of products made it the perfect image connectivity partner for large healthcare enterprises. We had work to do to differentiate the new offerings from the already established line of medical imaging technology from McKesson.


Knowing that purchase decisions are being influenced by overarching issues like patient satisfaction and value vs. volume-based care, our first step was developing an elevated brand platform that communicated the enterprise-level value of the new product suite. One of the key elements of the platform was a unique brand name: Conserus.

The Conserus suite of products is specifically engineered for major healthcare systems, so it required us to shift our focus from the tile floors of the imaging department to the carpeted hallways of the C-Suite. Our key audience for the brand are executives looking for cost-effective, scalable solutions that are compliant with many disparate systems. This audience isn’t interested in product functionality, bells and whistles—that’s for the end user. They want to know that this solution can help them efficiently solve enterprise imaging connectivity issues.

With this knowledge, we led with the message “Together for Better Health,” which is rooted in the ideas of connectivity and congruence. This concept was built on the platform of connecting doctors to each other, uniting patients with better healthcare and combining humanity and technology to usher in a future of better tomorrows.


The inspirational, aspirational creative that followed enabled us to eliminate barriers to show how Conserus can help solve the problems healthcare enterprises face.

The campaign began with the creation of several print advertisements, which eventually permeated multiple marketing mediums, including print & digital advertising, digital marketing (email, mailers, landing pages), website, sales collateral (posters, handouts) and sponsorship materials. One of the key executions of the brand launch was at one of the industry’s largest trade shows, where our target audience would be in attendance and McKesson would have a dominant presence.

We also needed to educate our audience about the products in the Conserus suite. With a busy, executive-level audience, this message would have to be delivered in a quick and concise way, simplifying a complex technical product. Leading with the Conserus Clinical Data Exchange (CDE) solution, this was achieved through an animated video that demonstrated the functionality and powerful benefits of CDE in an entertaining and intelligible way.


The Conserus brand launch was a success, reaching a new audience with a new suite of products tailored to their needs. Print placements reached more than 164,000 healthcare executives, with nearly 170,000 impressions on the digital side. Over 123,000 members of our target audience received our email communication, resulting in a 27% open rate. With the CDE video, we were able to communicate with approximately 90 C-suite individuals and the message was received by nearly 100,000 people. McKesson received the campaign and CDE video well, with intentions to carry-out a similar approach to marketing all other products in the suite.


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