Elevated Message Lifts Huebsch Above Competition

When you’re #1, you should shout it from the mountaintops! And new research had recently revealed that global laundry manufacturer, Huebsch, has the #1 distributor network, recognized for its superior reliability, customer service, communication and training. Yet, the company had always been considered a “replacement” brand, and its marketing message was very technical and machine-focused, positioning product directly against competitors. It was time for a reboot on the go-to-market strategy.


Repositioning a brand is not a simple task, and we needed to build and maintain a brand that would ultimately make a significant impact on ROI. To do this, we aimed to build an emotional connection with a brand-loyal target market.

To create the foundation for this connection, we reviewed the latest customer research, which revealed that the Huebsch distributor network earned the highest Overall Distributor Quality Score in the vended laundry industry by ranking first in four out of five distributor qualities. The results showed outstanding marks for prompt response and proactive communication, while also highlighting the networks’ reliability attentiveness. So to make new customers aware of that core strength, we shifted the brand platform away from technical product features to focus first and foremost on the customer experience.


A new brand message meant updating all creative materials so that they reflected the new direction. So we created new print ads, emails and banners all driving to the central landing page designed to educate and convert. Customers would not only learn about the quality of the distributor network here, but it’s where they would request contact with local distributors. And these conversions would ultimately become the measurement of the campaign’s success.


Over the years, we’ve curated a finely tuned list of current and potential customers. But because we wanted to generate maximum awareness of the new brand message, we also identified appropriate partner contact lists to include in the campaign. These contact lists included vended laundromat storeowners, investors and enthusiasts, and each contact was cross-referenced to prevent duplicate communications. Then, over time, we sent two campaign emails to each contact, each of which focused on the “best distributor network” message.


Overall the campaign was a tremendous success. Our main goal was to increase referral actions and requests for distributors — this way, distributors could then convert the new leads into sales. We used 2014 benchmark performance numbers as our goal, and we surpassed that by 127%.

The email campaign played a major role in generating leads. Again, we used 2014 to set expectations for the amount of landing page impressions that the emails would produce; expectations that we exceeded by 96.8%. Visitors on our landing page spent an average of two minutes, four seconds — a considerable amount of time to consume the new brand message, supporting content and testimonials. The testimonials were strategically featured in order for business owners to read about a relatable experience.

By elevating the brand platform to a higher-level message, we were able to resonate with more vend-segment laundromat owners. Out of this very specific, target market, Huebsch captivated this segmented audience of more than 1,100 unique viewers.


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