​Do you remember the pure joy of running around bare-footed as a child catching fireflies at dusk? That is the memory we needed to capture when introducing Honeywell’s new universal hot surface igniter, Glowfly™. In a market where technical features and benefits still rule, we leveraged creativity and emotionally-captivating imagery to differentiate this new product among HVAC distributors and contractors nationwide. It worked. Initial sales exceeded goals by more than 500%.


It’s not always enough to develop a new technology that makes more than 100 of your competitors’ products instantly obsolete. It’s adding emotion to the innovation that makes the sparks fly. And adding that emotion was up to Honeywell’s considered purchase marketing agency of record, Nelson Schmidt.

Whenever Honeywell called on us to launch a new groundbreaking technology, we knew that we had to unveil them in a unique way. For each new product, our charge was to take their innovative products and present them to the market in smart and engaging ways that set Honeywell apart. We needed to develop captivating creative strategies that inspired their customers — and ultimately increased sales. And that’s exactly what we did for their new product launches — including Glowfly™.

Introduced by Honeywell’s Environmental & Combustion Controls division, this new universal hot surface igniter, used to light residential gas furnaces, was targeted at HVAC distributors and contractors nationwide. This innovation was designed to replace more than 100 existing furnace igniters made by other manufacturers. Primary audiences were nationwide HVAC distributors and contractors, as well as internal Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls sales teams.


  • New product introduction

  • Competitive differentiation

  • Channel and end-user adoption


In a market where technical benefits often rule the day, we leveraged creativity to differentiate Honeywell from its competitors. In fact, our creative launch theme and channel marketing tools have created a new industry benchmark, helping Honeywell quickly establish their new products right from the beginning. For Glowfly specifically, we started by branding the new product with a more engaging, inspiring name. Then, we developed a campaign theme based on classic imagery of a firefly captured in a glass jar on a summer evening. It all came together through the campaign theme, “Capture a Whole New Species,” which was used to highlight the versatility of this new universal product.


  • Product naming

  • Creative platform

  • Product launch campaigns

  • Sales tools

  • Channel marketing tools




Each of Honeywell’s product launches were brought to market through an integrated marketing campaign. Introducing Glowfly through our “Capture a Whole New Species” campaign, the product was unveiled via dimensional mailers that included multiple marketing materials — including a mason jar coffee mug with the product inside to bring the campaign ad to life while reminding customers of the Glowfly product in a more tangible way.

In addition to the mailers, distributors were given co-op advertising materials and a variety of showroom point-of-sale materials, including translucent window clings and a 3-D countertop display and dangler. The display held products in both a single-unit package as well as a unique “six-pack” that allowed contractors to carry multiple products conveniently in one box. On top of all that, we also provided distributors with a branded flashlight and laser-pointer.


The campaign for Glowfly proved to be as hot as the new product name implied — with initial sales to date exceeding the original goal by more than 500%.

Additional Honeywell product launches delivered bright results as well. For instance, the Honeywell Oil Primary campaign stood out among the competition to generate a 42% increase in sales, while the Universal Pilot igniter campaign broke through a competitive market to exceed distributor channel adoption goals within the first three weeks.

Increase In Sales Generated


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