We view every client and every challenge as unique, demanding equally unique solutions. But as with any advertising method, successful considered purchase marketing must be rooted in a proven process that’s focused on the key objective: delivering customers. Through years of experience in development, we have found that the best way to deliver measurable results is through a workflow sequence called NS Metrics. Discover. Formulate. Execute. Measure.


Before you can act on a challenge, you must first understand it. Our process begins by asking ourselves fundamental questions and digging deep in order to find answers. We gather intimate knowledge about the market, the consumer, their purchasing patterns, their attitudes toward our clients’ products or services and more. Anything and everything we need to make a deeper connection with our target audience, that’s what we’re here to find out.


Once we’ve analyzed the situation, we need a plan of action. What messages will reach our audience most profoundly? What delivery methods will be most effective? What do we want our target audience to do, and how do we get them to do it?


This is where we breathe life into the plan. Where positioning statements become feelings about a brand. Where a target audience becomes people. And where calls to action become invitations to a better life. This is where we take consumers from considering to purchasing through inspiring creative and communications programs that alter perception and behavior.


We love creativity in all forms. But in the business of marketing and advertising, creativity has a job to do — produce measurable results. As a performance-based agency, we go to great lengths to measure the results of our work. Based on these results, we’re able to refine our future strategies to maximize the impact their brand has in the market.