A Marketing Partner for Future-Looking Companies

While many integrated marketing agencies have been proselytizing about the demise or rise of B2B and where B2C intersects it all, Nelson Schmidt has been quietly building the type of agency that our changing marketplace actually needs. We haven’t been blindly chasing trends. We’ve been doing the hard work of digging deep to better understand the mindset of the modern client, and more importantly, the mindset of both the business and consumer purchasers of these future-looking brands.

This has led to three foundational brand pillars that differentiate our integrated marketing agency from all others: Considered Purchase Marketing, Global Marketing Management and Performance-based Accountability. We even encapsulated our differentiation in a tagline: We Deliver Customers®. Three simple words that have shockingly lost their luster in today’s agencies. Sure, our job as an agency is more complex than ever. But we know our purpose is simple – our clients expect customers.

Considered Purchase Marketing

As the lines between B2B and B2C increasingly blur, particularly for highly considered purchases, we’re pioneering a more focused marketing approach that taps deeper into customer buying behavior.

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Global Marketing Management

Our unique model allows marketers to gain the advantage of regional market insight and localized activation while maintaining visibility and control over international marketing efforts.

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Performanced-Based Accountability

Marketing is an investment, and we’re confident enough in our ability to help clients exceed their objectives that we’re willing to put compensation on the line based on the performance of the work.

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