Campaign Brings It All Together For Better Health

“Evolve or be left behind.” That’s the reality in an industry experiencing tremendous change. For McKesson, IWS, a medical imaging-focused business unit that’s part of the oldest and largest healthcare services provider in the U.S., this meant shifting the conversation about healthcare technology from the tile floors of the imaging department to the carpeted corridors of the C-suite. We defined competitive messaging to engage executives with metaphorical benefits, versus focusing on highly technical features. The evolutionary campaign was punctuated with a bang at the industry’s leading radiological conference, resulting in significant new business opportunities.


The healthcare landscape is changing—quickly and dramatically. Hospitals no longer stand alone, but are partnering, merging or being acquired in response to industry and legislative changes. As large conglomerate healthcare organizations develop, the need for IT solutions that connect their facilities grows. Up for the challenge, McKesson IWS—a consistent leader in the medical imaging management (PACS and CVIS) space—is responding with imaging technology solutions that will change the shape of the industry forever. No longer just a vendor of medical imaging technology, McKesson has evolved into an image connectivity and solutions partner.

The challenge? Letting people know. Looking to launch a new suite of healthcare imaging, document management and workflow technologies at the 2014 RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) show—the world’s largest radiological conference—McKesson turned to Nelson Schmidt’s considered purchase marketing experts. Charged with repositioning McKesson as a solutions partner, the global marketing team at Nelson Schmidt helped McKesson make a statement with an intelligent and visually striking campaign.


First, we tapped into the needs of large conglomerate health systems, as well as the buying behaviors of the healthcare professionals within these systems, including national and international C-suite decision makers (CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CFOs) and influencers (IT specialists, radiologists, technologists, administrators).

Driven by the insight that communication among hospitals and facilities is crucial to these healthcare professionals—and that McKesson Enterprise Imaging Solutions provides both—connectivity became the driving force behind our message. But it was creative insight that brought the campaign to another level. Born from the realization that health enterprises need McKesson because they require the same connectivity between critical systems as the human body, we gave life to the “Together for Better Health” campaign: a metaphorical, image-based, big-picture approach that connects humanity with technology for better health.


We elevated the conversation from the tile floors of the imaging departments to the carpeted corridors of the C-suite by transcending the literal with bigger-picture creative. We knew we didn’t need to get into product functionality—that’s for end users. We needed to show, rather, that McKesson improves efficiency and delivers better care to patients by solving health enterprise connectivity issues.

We pushed the envelope creatively with original, commissioned artwork of the hands, the heart, and the brain, which we used to represent the independent systems that make up McKesson’s suite of integrated solutions. The theme came to life in digital advertising, direct marketing, printed collateral, art installations, sponsorship materials, signage, videos and booth graphics.

With the McKesson brand and energetic, high-tech graphics permeating the walls of the conference center, we illustrated how, unlike any other IT provider, McKesson brings every aspect of healthcare “Together for Better Health.”


Simply put: the message was heard. Success of the 2014 RSNA trade show campaign can be summed up in the reactions of the McKesson staff, who expressed “this was the best year yet!”

All goals were met and far surpassed. Preliminary metrics indicated a positive trajectory in awareness of and engagement with the McKesson brand. Booth traffic increased 29% over the previous year, while 345 live demonstrations generated 68 new qualified leads and a significant amount of potential sales.

In addition to exceeding all objectives, Nelson Schmidt received agency recognition for the campaign at two advertising awards shows. At the BMA Milwaukee Bell Awards, the campaign received an award of excellence in trade show marketing and exhibits. The campaign was also a category winner in integrated trade show marketing at the BMA National B2 Awards.


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