ADP is a market leader in payroll processing software and services. But to small businesses, this giant company felt too complex and corporate. Research showed that “payroll” had a more emotional meaning to small business owners, giving them personal pride in rewarding employees with accurate and timely paychecks. To make ADP more meaningful to this audience, Nelson Schmidt created a comprehensive campaign that humanized the brand.

The Paid by ADP campaign gets to the real benefit of an accurate and timely paycheck, featuring employees of actual ADP small business customers engaged in the activities they love to do outside of work.


The campaign featured a number of different real stories to highlight that ADP helps all types of small businesses all over the country, making them more approachable and credible to small business owners who viewed them as a big and complex software company.


ADP is a sales-driven company, so to ensure buy-in and the success of the campaign, we involved the field reps in its creation. They nominated the customers featured in the ads, and in turn, readily adopted the corporate campaign for their field marketing efforts.

The bottom line is that the impactful work we create for our clients leads to measurable outcomes for their businesses. Want to know how we can help deliver more customers to your business?


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