Facing new competition, InSinkErator needed to solidify its brand position to protect its market share. The goal was to change the message from facts and figures about garbage disposal performance to information and insights about environmental purpose. Nelson Schmidt developed a highly compelling idea and cleverly used paid social media advertising as an efficient message test to ensure the purpose-driven brand evolution resonated with customers.

Sometimes you don’t have to talk about your product’s features and benefits to get your audience to understand the value of your product’s features and benefits.


Showing food scraps getting sucked down drains in quick and colorful animations also helped suck in viewers from their other feeds. 1,985,797 of them to be exact.


Using striking imagery on social media stopped people from scrolling past our ads and showed them that the ugliness of food scraps could be turned into the beauty of sustainability.


A campaign-specific microsite was designed to measure which message iterations resonated the most with our target. This enabled us to use real-time data to optimize the campaign during the media buy.

The bottom line is that the impactful work we create for our clients leads to measurable outcomes for their businesses. Want to know how we can help deliver more customers to your business?


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