The premium horse feed market is packed with competitors that are all claiming the same product benefits, making it difficult for owners to decipher the difference between brands in this crowded category. The “You Know I Know” campaign was born from a simple insight: nobody knows a horse better than its owner. While the competitive feed brands were all touting their product features, we pivoted to focus on our audience’s deep connection with their horse’s inherent quirks, and just as importantly, their horse’s individual nutritional needs.

When looking for the voice of your brand, start with the voice of your customer.


To ensure that we were accurately conveying the unique relationships horse owners have with their horses, we spoke with several owners to find out which sentiments would resonate the best. We then hired a photographer who was also a horse owner. Having an intimate knowledge of how horses think and behave, she could get close to her subjects and capture distinct personalities and expressions other owners could relate to. By cleverly playing into the premise that no two horses are alike, we were able to position Sentinel as the brand that offers owners unique formulas to meet their horse’s unique nutritional needs.

Horse owners and their horses share real connections, yet messaging in the category was fake.


By sharing thoughts horse owners could imagine their horses thinking, our campaign came off as very genuine and connected with our target in a way other brands hadn’t before. Another key to the campaign’s success was a higher-than-usual rotation frequency, so every time an owner saw an ad, it was as if they were seeing an entirely new horse speaking to them. All ads led to a custom-created feed finder site that gave owners product recommendations based on their horse’s individual needs. The campaign accurately captured the authentic relationship owners had with their horses and in doing so catapulted the brand to new heights.


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