U.S. marketing agency Nelson Schmidt Inc. extends its global marketing expertise and resources with this first-of-its-kind partnership with The MISSION Group Plc of the United Kingdom.

MILWAUKEE, WI (January 15, 2024) – The MISSION Group, creator of Work That CountsTM, comprising a group of digital marketing and communications agencies delivering real, sustainable growth for its clients, has named U.S. marketing agency Nelson Schmidt Inc. as the first affiliate in its MISSION Hubs Program, designed to strategically expand the Group’s global footprint and capabilities within regional markets.

Founded in 1971, Nelson Schmidt is an award-winning and leading global considered purchase marketing agency, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an impressive roster of international clients, including Maytag, Whirlpool and LiuGong North America. The agency focuses on influencing consumer and business buyer behaviors as they research options, compare features, and calculate benefits along complex buying journeys across the U.S. and internationally.

MISSION Hubs is an agency ecosystem with MISSION at its heart, connected to a series of affiliates and partners from around the globe. The program provides MISSION with extended access to new markets and revenue streams through trusted relationships. As the first MISSION Affiliate, Nelson Schmidt will have the opportunity to work closely with all The MISSION Group agencies and its partners in 27 cities across 17 countries while benefiting from unlimited access to MISSION Advantage services including media, data & analytics, AI and production.

Paul Squirrell, Director of the MISSION Affiliate Network: “When you meet an agency that has the tagline, We Deliver Customers®, you have to work with them, and this affiliation will enable us to share success through a mutually rewarding and creative approach to business. We share many values and one goal – delivering better global marketing services and ultimately better business outcomes to international brands.”

Click here to watch Dan Nelson, Jr., President & CEO of Nelson Schmidt, talk with Paul Squirrell, Director, MISSION Affiliate Network about his agency and the work they do for clients.

“Being invited to become the first MISSION Affiliate agency is an honor, one which allows us to further expand our global marketing capabilities for our clients,” said Dan Nelson, Jr. “Partnering with The MISSION Group offers global marketers a more effective and efficient means of satisfying their international marketing requirements.”


The MISSION Group Plc. is a collective of digital marketing and communications agencies employing over 1,000 people across 29 locations and 3 continents. The Group successfully combines its diverse expertise to produce Work That CountsTM for clients, whatever their ambitions. MISSION’s goal is creating real standout work, sharing real innovation and delivering real growth for some of the world’s biggest brands. For more information visit www.themission.co.uk.